About Us

Professional and Expert Services

Are you venturing into a new business or already have one and need some help with compliance? Our team that have diverse range of technical and commercial skills is here to assist you.

Why us?

High quality services will be tailored to meet your business needs.

Business Background:


Retswellapele Trading (Pty) Ltd is a 100% youth owned small business. The business was registered in 2015; it will deliver various services/products. The management felt that they could start a business that will deliver these products/services at a reasonable fee to their customers and be able to create employment for themselves and later to people in the community. It is envisaged that this business will grow from small operations to the business that will employ more people. Our team have diverse range of technical and commercial skills.

Our Core Values


We believe our business should display utmost integrity in its dealings with the customers.


We have management that has passion for the business.

Our Mission

To provide customers with excellent service on a range of products and services that provide cost effective and 

Our Vision

To be a well-managed company that strives to empower the previously disadvantaged